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THE NEW INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION defines the movement in which Machine and the
Internet technologies changed and improved people's way of life and culture
through mechanisation of industries and global communication networks,
through services like emails, instant and viral messages, hyper text
documents and data exchanges and through people's improved methods of
providing services, agriculture and manufacturing.

Quality education and skills inform competitive practice. Education is self
empowerment. Knowledge, not demons or disbelief, is the powerhouse and the
economic base, which eradicates ignorance and creates skills, wealth, jobs
and phenomenal prosperity.

THE NEW INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION sets the global agenda for all to follow and
keeps subscribers informed on what is happening inside wealth and job
creation investments worldwide and of the huge investment and job creation
opportunities for foreign investors in Africa with special focus on the 55
countries of the African Union.

The great joy in the world today is THE NEW IDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION with
special focus on the 55 countries of over one billion population of the
African Union and in partnership with the AU member states and the AU for
the complete solution. Subscribe now to THE NEW INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION to
tell you what is truly going on in the world.

At ATUP, we enjoy our publications because we believe our perspective is
important for our security today and for our future - because it might well
be your perspective, too.

Take full control of your economic freedom. Subscribe now!

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