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Arbitration Tech Uni Publishers

Arbitration Tech Uni Publishers was created to solve the common business integration and management problems, which all business owners face in all fifty five African Union Economies and Markets. We create African Business Education and Training Products and Services for promoting the benefits of deeper African integration in a single market. This is truly a game changer for all business owners and for wealth creation for better quality of life on the African Continent and beyond. We believe Industrialization, Digitization, Deeper Integration and the Law can fix Africa.

Fix Africa. Net. Industrialization Digitization Integration and the Law Can Fix Africa https: www.fixafrica.net. Motto: Confidence Lifestyle Never by Sight. Fix Africa. Net is the subsidiary organization of Arbitration Tech Uni Publishers (ATUP) created to promote accelerated industrialization of Africa, digitization, deeper integration of Africa in African single market and the law in accord with the Constitutive Act of the African Union 2000 in order to lift the whole African population out of extreme poverty trap into monumental prosperity by offering online business and investment education products and services to business owners, executives and the youth in Africa and beyond.

Arbitration and Technology University College (ATUC) Ghana; www.arbiuni.com; Motto: Confidence Never By Sight is the principal company of Arbitration Tech Uni Publishers (ATUP). Arbitration and Technology University College (ATUC) Ghana, is slated for inauguration in October 2018. ATUP furthers ATUC Ghana’s goal of excellence in research, scholarship, education, teaching, skills, integrity and leadership by publishing worldwide through the printing and worldwide distribution service of Lightning Source and other platforms

Motto: Arbiter Never Judge

African Proverb:

Osagyefo President Dr Kwame Nkrumah rejects pedestrian politics because of its weaknesses.

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