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Arbitration Tech Uni Publishers

At ATUP, we believe sustainable development investments in Africa are the
game changers for monumental prosperity in Africa and the world.

ATUP publications are geared to manifesting that belief and prosperity in
Africa and the world.

ATUP's knowledge of Africa makes ATUP an invaluable source of information
and cooperation for development of Africa.

Through corporate membership of ATUP, members and entrepreneurs interact and
bring about sustainable development of Africa.

ATUP welcomes partnership, collaboration and forums with investors in Africa
for sustainable development of Africa for monumental prosperity of Africa
and the world.

Governance for building sustainable African Union State economy and the
African Union economy in collaboration with competitive foreign investors
from all nations worldwide:

1. Sustainable development of African countries is the real and priority
mandate. Interminable aid is not international charity of the donor to the
African receiver; it distorts sustainable development and the economic
development indicators; aid must be avoided like a plague by African
countries. The alternative is industrialization of Africa with African
primary commodities for international competition, international trade and
accelerated African integration for prosperous Africa.

2. Investment in electricity power generation, preferably renewable energy
and solar energy to ensure connectivity.

3. Investment in Internet Connectivity, this depends on prior electricity

4. Investment in Agriculture and Manufacturing Revolution to expand the
economy, based on the Rule of law, predictability, absence of bureaucracy
and corruption

5. Investment in Quality Education for creative thinking with Online
Business Education

6. Health care Investment for healthy nation and people and wealthy people

7. The IMF aid is a necessary evil for international monetary fund
management but a debt trap for the unwary borrower member states

8. African integration and the African Single Market for sustainable
development and for making the Pan-African vision a reality.

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