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Arbitration Tech Uni Publishers

Prior to becoming a Barrister, the CEO and Founder of ATUP was an Accounting Officer and Chief Clerk in the Ghana Public Service and Official Secretary of Public Utility Workers Union (PUWU). Then! We had carte blanche to lift high the Flag of Ghana and to enforce discipline in the Ghana Public Service, armed with the General Orders (GOs), under the incorruptible leadership of the Osagyefo President Dr Kwame Nkrumah; there was zero ghost corruption in the public payroll. He resigned in August 1964 and left Ghana to the United Kingdom to study law.

The CEO and Founder of ATUP is a Barrister, publisher, legal scholar and international economic lawyer with special focus on diversification of the African economy and eradication of extreme poverty culture in Africa and the world in order to establish a true balance in the human condition. His study and research were sponsored and financed with the fortune and legacy of his late brother, Goodwin Ahudo Glah, in order to expand true knowledge. True knowledge eradicates extreme poverty.

He studied law at University of London and gained his PhD degree in the year 1978 at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) on the field of foreign investment protection and removing the real barriers to the flow of international investment to the developing countries: foreign investment contracts and treaties, the UN Charter, IMF, WTO, ICSID, joint ventures, protection of minority shareholders and eradicating income tax law barriers to the flow of international investment with special focus on Ghana to ensure prosperity. In sum, every age has its untenable assumptions, disguised as facts, on foreign investment protection, which can be challenged and rebutted in all the hardening categories.

He was called to the Bar of England and Wales at the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple in November 1971 and the Ghana Bar in 1972. He practised law at Lincoln’s Inn and at Temple Chambers in the United Kingdom. He was a member of the Professional Negligence Bar Association and the British Institute of International and Comparative Law. He provided tuition to a group of graduate and postgraduate LLM students of University of London International Programmes in company law, international economic law, international investment law, international trade law and competition law.

He has active research commitments in international economic law, comprising the IMF, WTO, international investment protection and ICSID arbitration, international tax law, international human rights law and international economic law on African solidarity for sustainable industrial Revolution for transformation of the African economies. He believes in Great African Union (GAU) as the true game changer in our own hands for African prosperity based on African agricultural and industrial Revolution with African Central Bank (ACB) for fiscal consolidation and for boosting the reserves. Those commitments conspired to equip him with passion to trigger the authoring of his books.

He founded Arbitration Tech Uni Publishers (ATUP) to publish his works and to promote distribution worldwide in partnership with Arbitration Technology University College (ATUC) Ghana slated for inauguration in Ghana in October 2018 to spearhead excellence in knowledge and research to eradicate extreme poverty culture and for acquisition of specific abilities and skills in the faculties of law, arbitration, medicine and technology. He believes in higher education and research windows in the University, otherwise called, Universitas magnistorum et scholarum, (Latin), which means a community of masters, scholars, students, teachers and stakeholders devoted to pursuit of academic excellence in knowledge, research, truth and skills for self empowerment and character development and for creating values and development of human capital and for growth of the community.

University education, research and knowledge eradicate extreme poverty class fatigue. Absence of education and research creates a vacuum that consumes true culture and diversification of culture. He and his wife Delphina live in London and are blessed with four sons and one daughter: Philip, David, Richard, Charles and Lady Divina; all graduated at British Universities.

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