Robert K Glah , LLM; PhD [London]; Barrister of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple and of the Ghana Bar Association; CEO and Founder, Arbitration Tech Uni Publishers (ATUP)


Research Fields: 22 fields in 22 chapters of the book

Experience Keywords: African and International audience ; African single market economic growth model; African economic community; African Free Trade Area; African customs union; African boundaries; Africa beyond aid; African governance; African Heads of State and Government; African democratic congress elections; African scandals; African Union; Regional Economic Communities (RECs); African single market; African industrial Revolution; African industrialist billionaires; African industrialization strategies; African population; African oil governance and oil contracts; African mineral governance and mineral contracts; Agriculture and food commodities; Adding value to commodities; Agricultural Value Chain drive; Aliko Dangote; Building productive and competitive capacities in Africa; Can China drive African industrialization? Climate change; Cultural change for better quality of life in Africa; Digitisation of the African single market economy; Extractive Industries Transparency Initiatives; Exports and digital marketing; Food and natural healing remedies; Foreign investors; Ghana economy; Jurisprudence; Leadership; Legal protection; Multilateral international economic organizations; NGOs; Public health; Science and ICT education; Vocational education and training; Education funding; Rule of law; Humanitarian rights; Human security; Human rights and freedoms; Corruption and the law; Competition policy and the law; Renewable energy; Investment arbitration; SMEs; Local content; Separation of constitutional law powers of the democratic state; Taxation; Tax planning; GDPs; G20 membership goals; UN SDGs; Technology can accelerate African industrial Revolution.


Dr Robert K Glah, INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC LAW ON AFRICAN SOLIDARITY FOR SUSTAINABLE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION (ATUP) 2016; Hardback ISBN: 978-1-903519-06-6, Pages xxxii, 1093; Paperback ISBN: 978-1-903519-55-4, Pages xxxii, 1093

Dr Robert K Glah, INDUSTRIALIZATION DIGITISATION INTEGRATION AND THE LAW CAN FIX AFRICA (ATUP) ISBN 978-1-903519-65-3 Hardback, Due December 2017. Est. pages 600


  1. Introduction
  2. Creating business friendly environment to attract African billionaires and foreign investors
  3. Digitisation of the African single market economy
  4. Mineral-based industrialization strategy
  5. Oil and gas-based industrialization strategy
  6. Agriculture and food-based industrialization strategy
  7. Service- industries based industrialization strategy
  8. Renewable energy-based industrialization and combating climate change strategy
  9. Quality education and empowerment in science and ICT for the skilled workforce strategy
  10. Competition principles for controlling firms in the African single market strategy
  11. SMEs and building capacities and facilities for entrepreneurs and employment strategy
  12. Digital export marketing and building capacities for exporters planning and strategy
  13. International investment arbitration principles and building capacities for arbitration strategy
  14. Local content of foreign investment and building capacities for local entrepreneurs strategy
  15. Rule of law and respect for the humanitarian and human rights and freedoms strategy
  16. Can China fix industrialization of Africa?
  17. African government income and expenditure budget and dealing with tax planning strategy
  18. African union annual revenue and expenditure budget and dealing with tax planning strategy
  19. African Regional Economic Communities strategy
  20. African Economic Community and single belt customs union strategy
  21. African single market and deeper political and economic integration strategy
  22. African Union GDPs and G20 GDPs and international negotiation and participation in multilateral international organizations strategy
  23. Dealing with UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 strategy
  24. Conclusions and accelerating the twenty cohesive and competitive capacity building fields for managing the African single market economic model to lift Africa out of extreme poverty strategies


  1. Introduction
  • Target audience
  • African Union objectives and shared challenges for taking shared future by the horns
  • Building productive and competitive capacities for managing African single market economic growth model
  • Meaning of African industrialization for employment and wealth creation
  • Using African oil revenue for building productive education and industrialization
  • African Union objectives and G20 membership partner objective
  • Quality of the food you eat and staying active determine your good health and longevity
  • Quality education in science and ICT is the key to employment creation and reducing inequality and industrial revolution in Africa
  • Strategic pillars for creating monumental wealth and wealthy industrialist billionaires in Africa
  • UNCTAD mandate: accelerating progress in building productive capacities in least developing countries and other vulnerable developing economies.
  • Competitive leadership is needed to accelerate adding value to natural resourcesL. Rule of law and respect for the fundamental humanitarian and human rights and freedoms
  • Right to information law is necessary for overcoming corruption in African governance
  • Industrialization by probity, integrity and accountability under the law
  • Sources of African Union law and legal protection
  • Creating business friendly environment to attract private capital investments to Africa
  • ITU and digitisation of the African single market economy
  • Separation of constitutional law powers of the democratic state
  • African Union five-year deeper integration leap-frog action plan proposal 2022
  • Structure and organization of contents of the book
  • Executive summary of contents
  • Conclusions
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